Saturday, December 12, 2009

LPO is the latest IN thing in India. A convenient opportunity for young lawyers who need not toil it out in lawfirms with no monetary benefit, LPO offers attractive income for budding lawyers.
Now there is also the recent announcement by the Patent Office of India of the Examination of Patent Agent requiring any science graduate to write the exam scheduled to be held in January next year. The best book available on the market is the Buttersworth Lexis Nexis Book worth Rs.795/- (Psst. Ask for a discount and get it for Rs.700/- at Puliani & Puliani in Bangalore.) I got my copy today (Dec 12th 2009.) This exam opens up a lot of opportunities for budding lawyers with degree to practice as patent attorneys enabling them to file draft and file patents for the numberous MNCs and legal process outsouring industry.

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