Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review of Moto E Mobile Android Phone

My wife purchased two mobile phones on flipkart- one Moto-G for herself and one Moto-E for me

Needless to say whole of our family are selfie fans

Moto-E being part of Google at the time of its launch had the latest kitkat android phone with built-in apps like Whatsapp, Google Play Store all pre installed on 4/8 GB internal memory.

Moto Gand Mote-E has 5 Mega Pixel Camera as primary and 1 MP secondary for Moto-G- for you to do video calls.

Which is better? Click here to get a comparison 99%

Godmen become Badmen - detiorating spiritualism

People follow God-men to get spiritual enlightenment.  A flurry of God-men have passed by who have not overcome their carnal desire but preach others to restrain from material pleasures.  In the end, people seeking enlightenment  are left high and dry as God-men become bad-men.

This brings to the fore, the discussion of why is man unable to have control over his senses?