Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Want Happiness in your Hands? Be a member of whatsapp group on your smartphone :)

Who does not own a smart phone these days? Who does not like an app like Whatzapp? But what it has got to with Happiness?

This incident transpired over this week. Two days ago, I was added to a group called "Tusker", by my ex-colleague Sagar, who now works in Cap Gemini.

Some info on  Tusker Legal Consultancy and Services Pvt. Ltd 
Per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Tusker was incorporated on October 20, 2006 with registered office at No. 17-18/8, New Planet Solutions Building, II Floor, 30th Main, Banashankari III Stage, Bangalore-560085.  The last balance sheet filed by Tusker was for the year ending March 31, 2011. I joined Tusker on November 20, 2008.  Two years later, when Tusker closed its operations on December 10, 2010, I was the senior most employee after the Human Resource Manager Bharathi Deepak

Though Tusker closed down its shutter just over four years ago, the MCA still displays the status of the Company as "Active". Even now the signatories of Tusker are shown to be John Thickett and Michael Dolan, though the new Companies Act, 2013 requires at least one of the directors of the company to be a resident Indian with effect from April 1, 2014.

So coming back to the topic (happiness in hands), hardly a few minutes had passed before which there was a deluge of messages - old friends meeting up online and wishing each other and inquiring the current status of fatherhood/motherhood.
It was fun to read  and enjoy the closeness with which we all mingled, bringing back age old memories of good old times. Though I had not been to any old school boy's association, it was  a welcome change to find happiness in your hands.

Abhishek Bankalgi, posted a video (available on YouTube link below), which brought back old memories in torrents.
Sagar posted a group photo of an ethnic day function at Tusker.

Other group photos were also uploaded by the members:
In the above picture, Dario Olivas sitting beside me was the General Counsel of Tusker. He hails from Mexico graduating in J.D. from Valparaiso University School of Law, and a two-time U.S. Fulbright Scholar recipient.  We were celebrating a successful completion of a US litigation project at Jayanagar Mayya restaurant, partly owned by Vinod Priya, Assistant Manager at Tusker from November 2006 till April 2010. -

Later Sagar asked everyone to share the mobile numbers of other colleagues:
Abhishek Bankalgi, became my very close friend even after Tusker. The above video was taken when Tusker initially closed during April 2010, wherein only a few employees were retained and the rest were retrenched. Abhi and me were the lucky ones who were retained till the final curtain fell in December, 2010.

Abhi and me have had our outings to many pilgrimage places. Two of our most cherished tours find reference in my blogs linked below:
(1) Trip to Melukote 
(2) Trip to Srirangam
Thanks Abhishek,

Sagar Somashekar was a team lead at Tusker and was one of the people retained during the retrenchment of majority of employees. Very soft spoken, he is presently at Cap Gemini on UK shift (12pm to 9 pm). Sagar was instrumental in getting me a pay hike cum promotion at Tusker as an Associate Attorney from a Junior Associate/Consultant. 
Thanks Sagar.

Nagvendra Singh Parmar Presently is at Cap Gemini.  I was lucky to see a real prince of a royal family in Madhya Pradesh as my colleague. Parmar while Tusker was also working part time as a lecturer in a management training institute.

Dario Olivas was very friendly US attorney, with whom I had worked very closely during the latter part of Tusker's life (i.e., around August till December 2010, when both Sagar and Vinod had left Tusker). He graciously even provided me a recommendation letter which helped me immensely. Thanks Dario.

Shwetha was not only my colleague at Tusker but also at the law offices of D.L.Jagadeesh and Associates (DLJ).  After Tusker closed down in December 2010, I had briefly worked as advocate at DLJ from January 2011 till May 2011. Shilpa had obliged me by joining DLJ from May 2011, so that I could join Themis from June 2011.  Thanks Shilpa.

Abhay Shankar Babu the lone boy in this picture was my batchmate at Tusker. November 20, 2008 was the date when I had joined Tusker along with Abhay, Namrata and Shilpa

Namrata Jain was also my batchmate at Tusker (date of joining November 20, 2008).
Vinod Priya Presently is at Oracle per his linkedin profile.

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