Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mercedes Benz A Class

Gosh. The craze for driving a merc is universal.  Whomever I interact always wants to be steering around a merc with their hands. Don't know how much happiness one gets by driving a merc.  Let me try it next weekend for I have booked an A class for a team outing from office next weekend.

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Coming back to the topic of a merc (last month I came to know at office that Mercedes Benz cars are called "MERC" pronounced as merk.  I had booked a merc last month for an official purpose but had to cancel it at the last minute), people began asking me if I had driven the merc at every meeting after the previous cancellation. So I am gonna write a big blog about will you be really happy behind the wheels of a merc shortly. Till then, let me trace the antecedents of an A class.

I am not gonna bring out all the technical details of A class from Wikipedia - it can just be summed up to say,  A class gives ultimate protection to the inmates if any crash happens. I am not gonna drive like crazy, so no comments on the crash part on Bangalore roads. Below are some details from Zoomcar which says that the car is equipped with rear wheel drive and automatic transmission. There is no mention if the car is a 3 door or 5 door hatchback. It seats 5 people, though I may be the only occupant. I am afraid to take my wife and kid as they think that I am wasting money on a merc though I own a car at home ;(

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