Sunday, July 26, 2015

Toast Masters Club at Indiranagar Pride- Rotary Club-Bangalore

My friend Kirti invited me to attend the toastmasters club at Indiranagar which is conducted at Rotary club every Sunday between 5 pm to 6-30 pm.  One should be there at 4-45 pm to make full advantage of the session which helps in improving communication skills.
He was the first speaker in the ice breaker contest and was I spell bound with his speech.  I was very much surprised to see Kirti's oratory skills, wherein he did not make a single mistake of any "aah" or gap filling words like "you know", "I mean" etc.

Per his request, I recorded his entire speech on his iPhone6 while simultaneously taking a snap or video on my MotoE phone.  After his speech, there was a speech on "Hapiness" by one Vishal and a story telling by one of the VPs. Kirti's topic was nuggets from his lifetime, wherein he elaborated on his having changed 10 schools in  years and captivated the audience with anecdotes.  Below is the photo of Kirti chatting with the Divisional head of the Toastmaster's club Mr. Chandramouli.

Mr.Chandramouli had been associated with the TM club from past 10 years

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