Monday, October 26, 2015

No Pain- No Gain - Bangalore to Chennai Bike Road Trip on Honda Stunner

On the occasion of birthday of Mudal Alwars, had an occasion to participate in  temple festivals around Kanchi
Honda Stunner, the bike is a real stunner and very capable of long distance road trips.  We got the bike on rent from

One caution before you embark on a long road trip - always remember no pain - no gain.  After riding a few kilometers, you get cramps in your neck and shoulders.  To avoid it, change the position of your back and arms every few minutes. This is what gymnasts do.  They work out in the gymnasium trying to put their body in pain and the outcome is for the world to see- 6 packs or whatever. Similarly, to have a smooth long distance road trip on a bike, one needs to be ready to suffer pain for short intervals by riding alternatively with straight back and bent back.

The best road to take will always be the Hosur-Krishnagiri-Kanchipuram route between Chennai and Bangalore, as there is six lane highway- easy to drive in and out.

Biggest plus point? No toll charges for two wheelers at any toll plazas- just be sure to ride on the foot paths meant for two/three wheelers towards the left of the toll plazas.

Petrol is cheaper in Tamil Nadu than Karnataka.  So be sure to fill up the tanks in Tamil Nadu (however, bunks in outskirts do not accept plastic money- only hard cash). Card payment was possible at petrol pumps only the cities of Bangalore and Chennai.

Honda Stunner is 125 cc engine but the out put it gives is above 11 bhp. Gosh- you should rent a bike to see the awesome power on highways. Please note that highways in Tamil Nadu is the best while the roads in Bangalore are the worst.  Out of the total distance of 350 kilometers between Chennai and Bangalore, only about 25 kms are in Karnataka while 300 and above kms are in Tamil Nadu.  So, except the torture on Bangalore roads, you will sail very smoothly during the whole journey.

I will not suggest Chittoor route because it does not have 6-lane highway all the way.  At many times you will have to travel behind lorries at snail pace because of single roads catering for two way traffic.  Hence please avoid NH-4 and stick to NH-46/48.

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